Sunday, 27 February 2011

the weekend unravelled

It's been a busy weekend, with an early start on Friday to meet my Mum and brother up in London.  We treated ourselves to a morning coffee break in the beautiful Laduree Tea Room in Harrods before a lovely long walk all the way down the Kings Road and back up the Chelsea Embankment:

I bought Mr B and I a little box of macarons with both our favourite flavours in - Rose for me, Salted Caramel for him.  These were the perfect accompaniment to our CSI boxset on Friday night:

Yesterday, my Mum and I met K and her Mum at Unravel - a local knitting and yarn festival in Farnham.  Mum and I went last year and I couldn't get enough of the beautiful artisan yarn.  Now I'm more confident with my crochet I was able to go with some projects in mind and really treat myself.

Here are the little treasures that came home with me.  First up, an iphone case and pin cushion from Emma Bradbury:

I've been balancing a magnetic needle case that came free with a knitting magazine on the arm of the sofa for some time now - definitely time for a pretty and practical upgrade!  

Next up, three mini skeins and two full skeins from the lovely ladies at Skein Queen:

I coveted the wool on their stand last year, but couldn't really justify it.  This year I have some jewellery in mind for the mini skeins and a shawl for the full skeins - perfect! :)

I had a great time talking to Amanda and Phil from The Natural Dye Studio - they had a fantastic selection of crochet patterns, designed by Amanda, and the most beautiful yarn from Peru.  I bought two skeins of hand-dyed Angel 4-ply - it is the softest, most divine mix of baby alpaca, cashmere and silk and it is currently sitting on my lap whilst I type and periodically making its way up to stroke my cheek...  ooh, off for a little reverie there with my yarn, oops:

Last, but certainly not least in the yarn stakes, I bought two skeins of sparkle sock yarn from Fyberspates.  My photos don't really do the pretty silver shimmer justice.  I really don't know how they manage to keep the yarn so super-soft with all the sparkles.  I always hate it when sparkly wool is spolt by scratchiness, but there are no worries with this beauty:

My last two little buys were fabulous buttons from Textile Garden:

and the cutest little card from tillyflop - this is destined for my desk at work, to help me try to rise above the office politics:

A very picture-heavy post, but it's been a complete treat of a weekend, and I feel like a very lucky girl indeed!  Oh, I almost forgot - whilst we were walking round Mum spotted someone wearing an incredible aran cape.  She plucked up the courage to ask if it was handmade, and it turns out that the very talented Keira of bimblenmooch had designed the pattern herself and it's available from her etsy store!  I'd urge you to try out the Cape Country pattern - I'm hoping I can persuade my Mum to make me one once she's finished hers!

Right, that's quite enough from me for today.  I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

- Rachel x

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