Sunday, 8 May 2011

a merry may

It's been a few weeks again, but the weather was so good over our Easter break that the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a very hot attic with my computer!

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter festivities and the fabulous Royal Wedding.  Didn't Kate look amazing in her McQueen dress?  As my Brownies were having a Royal Wedding Party the night before, K came round over Easter with her sewing machine and we made some rather splendid bunting!  We were both surprised with how well it turned out considering we'd had a lovely bottle of red wine just before we started making it...

I hung it out on the washing line the next day just to see how it looked.

Whilst I had my sewing machine downstairs I decided to make a peg bag with some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric I've had sitting in my stash for a year.  I was fed up with pegs all over one of my cupboards in the kitchen and now this makes me smile when I'm doing the washing:

We had friends over after the wedding, which was an excuse to make some chocolate cupcakes - it's so hard to justify baking for two, so it was lovely to potter about in the kitchen making a chocolatey mess!

K and I went on a felt bag making course yesterday and I think I can safely say that felt-making isn't my craft!  After an afternoon of soapy massage my "bag" is still hanging on the washing line dripping away into a bucket!  We did a few minutes of needle felting, which is much more my cup of tea.  I'm determined to finish the poor forlorn thing off this week, but at the moment it's a bit of a sorry mess, which might just give you a giggle...


I've also been busy with the Crochet Club project.  I'm up to date with the April patterns and am just going to remake a couple of pieces I'm unhappy with before the May patterns are released next weekend.  The last set of patterns come out in June so I'm glad I'm up to date for the big finale!  I've been desperate for something new to put up in the dining room for a while and this should be just the thing.

I hope you're all enjoying a lazy Sunday - I know I am!
- Rachel x