Sunday, 20 February 2011

what a sweet surprise!

One of the auriculas in my greenhouse has decided to put in a very early appearance (they don't normally appear until April)!  Sweet little "Kilby" put a real smile on my face today, despite the grim weather outside:

I was really excited to see lots of shoots in the garden today.  I'd been really worried that the long snowy winter might have seen some of my plants off, but even my little dwarf peach tree had furry buds on it!  My "winter corner" of aconites, snowdrops and cyclamen looked really cheery, but I also had the sweet surprise of a flowering pink camelia hiding behind one of my shrubs!

Mr B and I spent the day up in London yesterday.  As we had to pay for the train ticket to go up for his hospital appointment (thyroid function perfect, thank goodness!) so we decided to make a day of it and have a late Valentine's treat.  I had some Christmas vouchers from Liberty so I treated myself to some more Stitch Nation yarn in a really cheerful green called "sprout".  I'd seen a great waistcoat pattern in the latest issue of Crochet Today and thought I'd line it up as my next project... (more on this when I post about my current WIP!)

The real surprise was discovering a new craft section in Forbidden Planet!  Mr B treated me to two little japanese craft books:

I couldn't resist these cute little felt friends!  Now I have to admit I'm more of a cat than a dog person, but this next little gem was full of the sweetest little pups you ever did see - definitely on my "to hook" list:

A bit frivolous, I know, but they were both reduced and I can see the patterns coming in very handy for little gifts.

Quite a rambling post today, but it's been a rambling and blissfully chilled out weekend!  I hope yours has been, too!

- Rachel x

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