Thursday, 24 March 2011

every cloud...

I'm still not well and have another doctor's appointment this afternoon, but I'm trying to look at the positives.

I've had more time for hooking this week, so my shawl is coming on apace:

I'm pleased with how it's going and think blocking it is going to make a real difference, turning the little "flowers" into crisp, pointy stars.

Outside, my little dwarf peach tree has made it through the winter and rewarded me with the best display of pretty pink blossom - they smell great, too!  We had 5 peaches off it last year and we're hoping for even more this year.  I would never have thought we could have harvested peaches in the South of England, but evidently our patio is warmer than it looks!

We've also finally decided on the paint colours for our living room revamp.  Whilst I've loved the decor we've had for the past 10 years, we've decided to have a change.  The curtains have faded badly, so the lovely Mr B has treated me to some new ones made up in Designers Guild fabric.  When I was up in London the other week with my Mum and brother we had a wander down the Kings Road in the sunshine.  The DG window stopped me right in my tracks.  This beautiful fabric was hanging right down their enormous front windows and it was love at first sight:

It's called Mariedal and is made up of printed dahlias in shades of grey, some of which have then been overpainted in cobalt blue, lilac and yellow.  As we wanted to keep our grey carpet and all the furnishings, this is just the update we need, along with a new paint-job in Dulux shades with the usual exotic names "Night Jewels" and "Holiday Blues".  We were hoping to paint this weekend, but we'll have to see what the doctor says this afternoon.  I shall post some before and after pics when it's all done...

If we can't paint this weekend, all is not lost, as I've dug out some felt and my cutting mat to make up some of the Tsunami Flowers from my Japanese book.  If the weather stays nice I may even get to do some crochet in the garden.  Now doesn't that sound civilized?! :)

I have my fingers crossed that you all feel better than I do right now!

- Rachel

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